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Sandpiper \ ARO Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

Diaphragm pumps are fast becoming the first choice for the toughest applications.

  • Pumps are air-driven and have a double-diaphragm. The simple design and operation offer many advantages over other types of pumps.
  • Low internal velocities move abrasives easily, with no damage to the pump. The gentle pumping action does not sheer fragile materials.
  • Even heavy or solids-laden materials can be pumped. Diaphragm Pumps move everything from water to peanut butter.
  • These air-driven pumps, with no motors, seals or packing to leak, are environmentally friendly.
  • The pumps are able to dry prime under most suction lift and flooded suction conditions.
  • Simply regulate the inlet air supply to adjust the pump flow from zero to maximum capacity.
  • Many discharge porting options are available, including top, side and dual:
    • Select top porting for thin liquids, or if entrained air could be a problem.
    • Select bottom porting for thick or solids-laden material.
    • Select side or dual porting for specialised applications.
  • They can run dry without damage, unlike other types of pumps.
  • Excessive back pressure stops pump without damage. No need for expensive bypass systems or pressure relief valves. Pump simply stops operation until discharge opens.
  • Air-operation eliminates sparking concerns associated with other eletrical or rotating pumps.

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  • Chemical handling, including caustic, toxic and corrosive materials.
  • Process industries
  • Automotive
  • Sludge and slurries
  • Paint, coatings and surface finishing
  • Ceramic glaze and slip
  • Industrial and municipal waste
  • Food and pharmaceutical processing
  • Marine
  • Mining and more...